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mardi 22 novembre 2011

Télécharger des Logiciels gratuits, Banner Maker Pro,Ashampoo PowerUp

Télécherger Ashampoo PowerUp v3.23 serial

Ashampoo PowerUp 3 is the solution if you don’t want to waste endless hours learning how to configure and maintain Windows®, including Windows® Vista. It’s a single control center for all your Windows® settings and explains everything in simple language. And the new version adds more protection against incorrect settings, more control, more configuration options and makes the whole process easier than ever before. And it comes with a beautiful new graphical design for Windows® Vista!

Configure fast with professional profiles and new tools
Ashampoo PowerUp 3 comes with a package of professionally-tuned “profiles” for a variety of purposes. Just select the profile and PowerUp automatically configures your entire system in seconds for office work, games, video and photo editing or just maximum all-round performance.
The new Profile Assistant and Profile Manager help you to tweak the standard profiles for your own needs and manage the profiles you create and store. And the new QuickStart Bar gives you instant access to your favorite tweaks and adjustments.

Configure with confidence with the new safety tools and assistants
The new Risk Level Monitor warns you reliably about potentially dangerous settings. The new Rescue Center automatically records all the changes you make and can return you your original settings at any time. And the Automatic System Scan and System Diagnostics make it easier than ever to find and choose the relevant settings.
Work easier with powerful additional modules
In addition to hundreds of Windows® configuration options Ashampoo PowerUp 3 also comes with a whole package of additional tools and modules that make your life with Windows® easier.

You can generate detailed reports containing everything support staff need to know about your system when you have problems. You can manage programs that start automatically and switch off the ones you don’t need. And so much more…

Télécharger Banner Maker Pro 7.0.5

Banner Maker Pro is software that quickly (and easily!) allows you to create web-based banner ads, web buttons, web headers, animated gifs, logos, image ads and other web graphics. It's not just for banners. It's an animated banner ad maker, button maker, and logo maker all in one -and it's just $39.99 for unlimited banner making.

By using a wizard-like interface, Banner Maker Pro allows you to easily create professional looking banners, buttons, and graphics for web pages in just minutes. Simply follow the tabs at the top of the program to go step-by-step in the image making process. When you have completed the image, just save it as a GIF or JPEG and add it to your website.

Télécharger ParticleIllusion 3.0 + Effect Pack +Tutorials

ParticleIllusion is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects — literally hundreds of different types of effects.

To install:
Unrar Particle Illusion 3 0 1a & Tutorials
Open Particle Illusion folder, run setup.exe and installDouble click the .sfx archive
Copy crack to its program directory then run
Use Tutorials
Thats it, enjoy and remember dinguskull

The .sfx archive has pro emitters, free emitters, and all the default emitters.
The .sfx archive will add, update, and replace all emitters in the default library. If you have particle illusion already installed I suggest you backup your library's and completely uninstall.
Of course you can just use winrar and extract the .sfx archive if you want.

Télécharger Xtreme Web Designer (complet)

Xtreme Web Designer 5 Professional package for designing and creating web-sites, offering unlimited freedom in layout and design pages with the most complex designs. You are dissatisfied with their design web-site? Or do you simply want to try to create your first personal website? Then MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5 is the most ideal and the most flexible and simple solution. The developers emphasize that to create graphically rich web-pages the user is not required to know HTML or javascript languages. And to assess the results of his work is available offline preview.

Télécharger PC Tools Spam Monitor

PC Tools Spam Monitor is easy to install and manage but don't be fooled by its perceived simplicity, behind the scenes is a world-class spam filtering technology continuously protecting your Inbox. If you have tried other spam filters and found them too complex or ineffective you should try PC Tools Spam Monitor. Download a free trial now and discover for yourself the simple and effective way to stop spam.
PC Tools Spam Monitor runs in the background from your system tray automatically detecting spam email as it arrives in your Inbox. Using your local black-list, white-list and spam filter plug-ins, as well as publicly available black lists, PC Tools Spam Monitor will detect and mark spam messages before they reach you.

For advanced users, PC Tools Spam Monitor offers a powerful set of customization features including plug-in architecture so that new spam filter features can be easily downloaded. PC Tools Spam Monitor will work with all mail clients that use POP3 or IMAP4 mailboxes including Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail and Eudora. For simple setup it includes a step-by-step configuration wizard which automatically detects and updates compatible mail clients to use PC Tools Spam Monitor.

Because most of the modern viruses and worms are distributed via unsolicited email, PC Tools Spam Monitor provides you with an additional level of protection against viral and other infections by stopping spam and junk mail.

Télécharger Graboid – Unlimited Movies and TV Shows

Graboid Video makes it easy to access to the most extensive library of full length videos with over 150000 videos online

When you register for a free Graboid account, you have a maximum of 4gb per month. For someone who is interested in downloading more than that, there is a work around. Once you make an account, you can’t make another account via the program or their website again. With this method, you’re able to make another account from within the program, all you need is a batch file and another email!

• Install Graboid
• Create an account• Download your 4Gb given to you
• Once you reach the limit, run Graboid.bat, and voila! Your able to make a brand new account and your 4Gb limit is restarted!

Télécharger Salfeld Child Control 2010

Computers are the place for children. This is the place where they can sharpen their agility as well as their abilities. They can learn and make new friends. What’s more, the Internet provides information for homework assignments.
So far, so good. But they also need to be protected from the computer—for one thing, so that they don’t lose their sense of time and forget to go out and play with their friends once in a while, and for another, because of the dangers lurking on the Web. That’s why responsible parents everywhere install Child Control on every computer that their children use.New! Internet Remote Control: Starting with Child Control 2009 you can modify the most important settings or view session logs directly on the Internet. No matter where you are. No matter which browser you are using. This feature is part of the Online Functions.

télécharger Flash Speed 200%

FlashSpeed200% is an Internet accelerator that help you optimize your Internet connection speed 200% or more. The software changes some Windows settings to give you faster performance, and optimize your Internet connection speed 200% or more according to your computer. It support optimiz Dial-Up, Lan, Cable, ADSL, HDSL, VDSL and PPPoE connections up to 200% faster. Increase your download speeds.

Télécharger Auto Hide IP

Auto Hide IP provides an impressively simple set of tools for disguising your IP from online predators. With its basic setup and excellent results, this program was a big help with online security. It's a powerful tool for throwing Internet hackers off your trail.

télécharger Aero Midnight Icons

Aero Midnight Icons
64 PNG & ICO | 256x256 | 14 Mb

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